Are you converting your on-site staff to a remote staff?

Or, is your staff already working remotely, but should be working more effectively?

For some time now organizations have been transforming their workforces from a centralized on-site footprint to decentralized locations. More recently, in a matter of weeks, as a result of the COVID-19 crisis, this transformation has gone into overdrive as we compensate for state-mandated social distancing measures. Interestingly, this change may well survive after the pandemic has passed as organizations recognize that they have invested in a project that is also providing significant savings and efficiencies. 


Some organizations are just beginning the conversion from an on-site workforce to a remote workforce. Others have rushed to make this transition only to find that it is not producing the desired result: a close virtual replication of the conditions experienced with the on-site workforce. So, there have been challenges to successfully accomplish this transition. 


The purpose of our platform is to create an environment for a remote workforce that provides the same level of engagement and success as an on-site workforce. In addition, our platform provides a reliable basis for management to have confidence that the remote workforce will be equally as effective and successful. To accomplish this objective, we will utilize the finest IT tools currently available. 


Our program goes far beyond simply giving your users a VPN connection in order to work from home. Whether you are currently considering setting up a remote workforce or want to improve the remote workforce practices you have currently in place, Eler Technologies can help.


Like any significant undertaking, planning is essential for success. Here are some issues to take into consideration as a plan for a remote workforce is developed:


1. Staff Eligibility Evaluation
First, some basics: Which business functions can logically be handled remotely? Which employees have split on-site and remote duties? 


2. Readiness Evaluation of on-site workforce to convert to remote workforce
What resources are necessary to support a remote workforce? Review existing resources to determine what additional resources, if any, must be acquired. Does your organization have a remote work policy? 


3. After this conversion, Readiness Evaluation of current security measures to protect your Infrastructure
Pay strict attention to assets in use that are outside the corporate firewall. Make sure VPNs, and multi-factor authentication are in place. Prohibit use of public Wi-Fi facilities, etc. 


4. Readiness Evaluation of IT personnel to manage remote workforce – insuring that the day-to-day tasks of monitoring, remediation, and management of all endpoints are handled effectively
Are the tools necessary for remote management available (e.g. remote monitoring and remediation, operating system and application patching, help desk, access to vital documentation to push to remote staff as required)?


5. Cost and benefits of Remote Workforce Program
Are any of the above measures currently in place? Can any of the above measures be dispensed with?


Any action plan requires that consideration be given to the following elements: design, budget and time:
Create a project specification:
Create a list of all resources – hardware, software, and services – necessary to complete the project
Create a detailed Scope of Work (SoW) providing the specific steps required to get the job done


Develop a cost estimate for each element in the SoW using time and materials estimates
Review proposed SoW steps to determine if any can be eliminated or deferred


Modify cost estimate based on how quickly you wish the project to be completed
Every enterprise faces a unique set of circumstances and challenges in setting up a viable remote workforce scenario. We’ve been finding innovative solutions to business problems for years, using the state-of-the-art IT processes. We can help.

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