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Network Design in White Plains, NY

As is the case with any successful plan, a network development project is the result of careful planning, organizing and managing resources and tasks in order to guide the project to its desired conclusion.

This initial phase is critical to a successful outcome. An advantageous starting point might be assembling a “wish list” of all desired objectives. A specific objective might be modifications to company infrastructure – such as a domain upgrade to the latest version of Windows. A functional objective might be improving data security in the network.

The Successful Network Design Project depends on three key components: Scope of Work, Budget, and Time.

A rigorous Project Specification is the key to successful Project implementation. That specification is comprised of equipment (hardware and software) requirements and a Statement/Scope of Work (SoW). The most effective SoW is one that has been fully negotiated between vendor and customer. When both vendor and customer mutually understand the exact specifications of a project, exactly what is to be accomplished, and the exact steps necessary to accomplish that end – when there is a meeting of the minds – is the likelihood of success greatest.

The budgetary/financial requirement involves (1) Pricing the Project Specification with equipment estimates and time estimates and (2) assuring that these cost estimates conform to budget expectations. In the event the cost estimate misses the mark, both equipment requirements and SoW will need to be modified in order to ensure that despite fewer resources, a successful outcome is still possible.

The timing of the project is always an important calculation. How critical is this Project? Will a speedy implementation that involves overtime charges still be economical? Will a slower, longer implementation of the Project that keeps a lid on costs be acceptable? Eler is here to support you in properly planning your Project so that execution of the Project is straightforward, on target, and economical. We will make sure that necessary resources have been allocated to every project, whether those resources are technical services, funds, equipment, software, etc. We will help you streamline your Project and manage it successfully to completion.


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