Automated monitoring and remediation is a valuable tool for enhancing all other network services. The system for automated monitoring and remediation is a 24/7 service that utilizes software tools to monitor your system, issue alerts, and automate system management on a proactive basis. Consequently, any developing anomalies in the system will be quickly identified and resolved before they cause a major disruption – frequently, before the customer is even aware of such an event. An extra benefit of the system is that in the case of such an event, the majority of issues can be handled remotely.

The advantage of round-the-clock system network management is that this service is continually reviewing for error messages and event logs, ensuring that critical processes such as system backup are always functioning properly.

In addition, Management software will:

  • Automatically deploy and manage patches as they are issued by the software vendor

  • Maximize network availability/uptime by monitoring all aspects of Windows and other servers, routers, firewalls, etc.

  • Scan for hardware and software failures

  • Monitor critical services on the server such as SQL service

  • Actually test the status of critical services rather than merely checking generated events or event logs

  • Automatically take corrective actions such as reboot, restart a service or run a script

Our approach is to automate and facilitate, to the greatest extent possible, system management that will perform many routine management tasks for you and that will provide an “early warning” system that identifies developing problems. By using automatic alert notification we will be immediately informed of problems as they arise and will promptly remediate such problems, often before you are even aware of them.


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