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Data Security Services in White Plains, NY

Data security has evolved as a separate discipline. The traditional dangers, both natural – weather, fire, high heat, humidity, and man-made – virus attacks, DDoS attacks,  etc., still exist, of course. But today, administrators are tasked with the need to protect networks against an ever-expanding environment of malicious activity.

Adequate security policies and configurations must be put in place to absorb the new risks of Wi-Fi networks – both public and private. Security measures must be put in place to handle any risks generated by the ubiquitous use of mobile devices or any threat a rogue employee might make on network security. Administrators must be satisfied that security extends to the practices of third parties, such as vendors, contractors, Cloud providers – both for their own peace of mind but also to meet regulatory requirements.

Organizations are quickly recognizing that network security is a discipline unto itself and requires the attention of resources to focus on this subject exclusively.

In 2019 the national media has fully covered the numerous costly ransomware attacks on local and state governments across the country, including Louisiana schools and city governments in Baltimore and Atlanta. These organizations had to pay large sums in order to recover from these attacks.

These numerous malicious and costly attacks have caused panic and alarm. Know what malicious individuals are doing. Information about your organization may be available on the dark web. Hackers can collect information relevant to your personnel and company and sell it to the highest bidder. Have a dark web scan performed, so that, if this information is available, you plug all vulnerabilities and prevent further exploitation. Next, perform a vulnerability scan to locate potential weaknesses in your system and apply the appropriate remediation.

Be alert to serious threats from Trojans, viruses, spyware, worms, and any hacking activity that can damage your system, steal your identity, and infect business critical applications. It is extremely wise to protect your system against any and all threats before they occur.

Here is precisely where proper planning comes to the rescue – well before any serious attack can be launched on your operational system. Your staff becomes knowledgeable security advocates through education and commitment. Data can be classified according to sensitivity and protected with proper security measures. Peace of mind comes from having a dedicated staff and a complete picture of the network landscape; where the risks have been mitigated through proper planning and adoption of proper measures, and how to respond to a malicious attack if and when it occurs.


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