Cybersecurity Trends: Why Hackers Love Procrastination

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Written by eler1

June 2, 2022

Why Do Hackers Love Companies that Procrastinate?

Cybercrime is an unfortunate consequence of the internet, and this problem is not going away anytime soon. Therefore, cybersecurity has become increasingly vital in order for companies to protect their data, employees, and customers. A quick internet search of “Cybersecurity Trends” will consistently deliver similar basic findings. A survey of the people you trust in your professional network about cybercrime concerns will also yield similar feedback. Here at Eler Technologies, we have been building and maintaining computer networks since 1995, so we are always knowledgeable about the latest trends. 

There are two simple truths related to cybersecurity:

  1. The risk and exposure related to cyber threats is at an all-time high and is only getting worse.
  2. Most organizations are struggling to build and maintain effective cybersecurity programs.

Executives must realize by now that there is a thriving cybercrime economy that preys on businesses, meaning their organization is a prime target for malicious hackers. What they must also recognize is that successful cyberattacks can have a great impact and regrettable consequences, including lost careers, financial ruin, squandered opportunities, and it can even threaten business solvency.

Yet, for some reason, many executives have failed to accept the responsibility to develop effective cybersecurity programs and reduce overall risk. A common rule of thumb when it comes to data security is not to consider “if” a cyberattack will happen, but rather “when” it will happen. These attacks are now very common, and they are much easier to prevent altogether than to stop once they begin. 

The Longer You Wait, the More Vulnerable You Are

If security is so vital, why are so many executives struggling to address the detrimental cybersecurity concerns that threaten their organization, customers, and employees? The most common reason is that they are simply procrastinating. 

Hackers love procrastinators. They love when organizations decide to “kick the can down the road” and put cybersecurity risks on the back burner. So these cyber-attackers continue to feast upon technology environments that are unsecured and unprepared to respond. Hackers love procrastination because it promotes their success!

Why Some Companies Delay their Cybersecurity Efforts

Why are so many company executives of procrastinating?  The most common reasons for delaying this task are because they lack expertise, they lack the confidence for planning properly, and they underestimate how crucial this planning is. Tasks that have important deadlines often take priority, and best practices or other preventative tasks like cybersecurity might seem less pressing. The sad truth is that you often can’t appreciate the importance of cybersecurity until you’re in the midst of an attack.

How Can You Avoid Procrastination?

It is easy to procrastinate. In order to develop an effective cybersecurity program for your organization, however, you need to take immediate action. The sooner you understand the necessity for cybersecurity, the sooner you will value its importance. Try to change your thinking about cyberattacks and the importance of data security for your organization.

Remember what is at risk. A cyberattack might result in your company losing thousands of dollars, having to lay off employees, and missing out on business opportunities. 

Remember who is at risk. A cyberattack can damage your organization, its reputation, and endanger the employees involved. It can also compromise your customers and their private data.

Stop Procrastinating Now

If your company is like so many others that have been procrastinating about essential security programs, we hope that this article helped you initiate the process. Here at Eler Technologies, cybersecurity and data security are just two of many resources we offer to our clients. Call us at (914) 332-8406 or send us a message immediately and schedule a complimentary consultation session with one of our cybersecurity experts. We are happy to share our knowledge with your company. We will secure your data and protect you against cybercriminals.

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