6 Reasons You need today’s Video Surveillance System

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Written by Carolyn MacCloud

July 14, 2021

The Importance of Video Surveillance as a Security Investment in 2021

Modern video surveillance products offer a strong sense of security and peace of mind when it comes to safeguarding virtually any aspect of your business. Today’s systems are built to work reliably, providing automated notifications and crystal clear video quality to multiple devices at a time. Cloud storage capabilities will automatically store and archive the video feed from a security camera, easing the worry that often accompanies the burden of proof.

Of course, winding the clock back, this wasn’t always the case. Security personnel had to continually monitor a small screen or screens which usually displayed a grainy or blurry image. Scrolling through archived video footage to identify essential details was often difficult if not impossible. Not to mention that it was far too easy to tamper with the security camera, and old video surveillance technology generally failed to immediately notify stakeholders about the in-progress threat.

The bottom line is this: adding valuable security measures to your office, your facility, or any site that requires monitoring is now easier than ever and incredibly effective. Network security backed by reliable IT support is important, but video surveillance adds another layer to your security efforts. Whether your organization’s security needs are basic or robust and elaborate, it is vital in this day and age to implement a video surveillance system.

Complete Video Surveillance Solutions for Businesses

Eler Technologies, based in White Plains, New York, is the go-to network solutions provider. As data and information technology become more valuable and necessary to your company’s operations, we are here to help you stay organized, agile, connected, competitive, and – most importantly – secure.

Still on the fence when it comes to video surveillance for your business? There is much more to it than monitoring inventory theft. In fact, there are excellent benefits built into commercial video security. Plus, with so many people remote working, many office spaces are more vulnerable now than they ever have been. Here are some of the greatest benefits of installing video surveillance.

6 Reasons You need today’s Video Surveillance System

Improve Accountability throughout Your Organization

The mere presence of at least one video camera combined with the subsequent awareness that visitors have of monitoring activity doesn’t just help prevent theft; it can also help to ensure your employees’ accountability. No employee should feel he or she is under a microscope; however, the presence of a security system emphasizes to employees your focus on surveillance of both your inventory and your property.

Not only are you safeguarding your inventory and your property, you are, essentially, saving valuable employee time and increasing your all-important productivity ratio.

Lower Insurance Premiums, Assure Legal Protection

Many insurance providers offer policies that benefit from the installation of a functional and approved video surveillance system. Though you need to check with your insurance company, many businesses enjoy lower premiums if they have a video security system in place that has been installed by a reputable security camera provider.

In addition, in today’s often-litigious society, a video surveillance system offers undeniable, time-stamped proof of what did or did not occur on your premises.

Prevent Theft Before It Occurs (And Catch It in the Act)

The most effective way to recover from a loss due to theft or other criminal activity is to prevent it from occurring in the first place. It’s no secret that video surveillance often deters the would-be thief from the crime scene, but the new, sophisticated surveillance systems allow you to clearly identify the suspect.

In short order, security personnel, law enforcement officials, and other stakeholders quickly identify the suspect(s) at hand. And powerful artificial intelligence systems (AI) can efficiently sort through footage based on specific objects, human profiles, or other important filters.

Remote Monitoring: Peace of Mind When You Are Close or Away

Whether you operate a small business or possess a round-the-clock security staff dedicated to monitoring security video feeds, there is a solid feeling of reassurance that accompanies reliable security surveillance. Such reassurance is invaluable, and you don’t need a large security detail on your premises. With today’s most sophisticated video surveillance systems, it is easy for you to access surveillance through a specialized application on your phone.

A Safer Environment for Employees and Customers

Naturally, retail businesses have much to gain from video surveillance, but any busy operation with moving parts and employees will greatly benefit from video security surveillance – protecting valuable assets and inventory. Your IT security solutions should include more than just network security – it should include a level of physical security as well.

Effective Response Times

The sooner your company flags an unwanted person or criminal activity, the sooner law enforcement officials can appropriately respond to the situation. In fact, proactive incident alerting with advanced video surveillance systems even allows you to react in real-time. Of course, you can implement additional anti-theft measures such as bright lights, loud alarms, and on-site employee response, but your advanced video surveillance system is your first responder alert.

Video Security Solutions Customized to Your Needs

Most businesses, whether small or large enterprises, acknowledge the importance of proactive security measures– so where should you start? That’s why Eler Technologies offers comprehensive video surveillance services that match your company’s security needs, complimenting your online data security efforts with an element of preventative physical security. Our security experts will help you select and implement the appropriate system to assure optimal coverage and essential features and services, all at a price to match your budget.

Contact Eler Technologies for a Free Quote

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